Welcome to Arora’s Homeopathic Clinic, a chain of homeopathic clinics by Vivid Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is the second largest practiced medical system as identified by World Health Organization. It is a complementary and alternative system of medicine, which has gained a substantial popularity all over the world due to its clinical efficacy, and scientific basis. It is officially recognized and integrated into the healthcare system of India, has the largest number of practicing homeopaths and biggest infrastructure of homeopathy. Also, Homeopathy is currently practiced in over 80 countries, and has legal recognition as an individual system of medicine in 42 countries and is recognized as a part of complementary and alternative medicine in 28 countries.

The homeopathic practice takes into account the holistic approach towards a diseased individual and involves a holistic approach to manage/cure it. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body’s natural, self-healing power to repair and regenerate itself.

Homeopathic remedies are potentized (triturated and/or succussed) substances (low as well as ultra-diluted energized medicines) which affect mind and body. Homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural substances like plants, minerals, animals and also from various other sources like chemicals, imponderabilia etc. Since inception homeopathy has been proven to be safe for every age group, and may also be used safely in babies, women and elderly.

Homeopathy has been able to treat various common clinical conditions like recurrent infections, skin, digestive and respiratory ailments, menstrual and menopausal disorders, chronic fatigue, migraine and stress-related disorders such as anxiety and insomnia, lifestyle disorders, etc. It has also a proven role in various subclinical conditions like subclinical hypothyroidism, pre-clinical diabetes, pre-hypertension, lifestyle disorders etc. It is also used to improve the quality of life in patients suffering from incurable and terminal illnesses like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Motor neuron disease, etc. Read more…

Arora’s Homeopathic Clinic is run by Dr. Saurav Arora and Dr. (Mrs.) Bharti Arora, who believe in giving scientific, safe, effective and rational homeopathic consultation to their patients.

Arora’s Homeopathic Clinic is a pioneering clinic in the Homeopathy aims at practicing evidence-based Homeopathy. We strive hard to make homeopathy an affordable therapy for all. We are specializing in dealing with skin diseases, respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal disorders and allergic disorders. Our result oriented, scientific approach has created a difference, which is evident from the cured/responded cases with Homeopathy and without any side effects.